Indoor Live Show
Role: Art Director
Artist: Lorenzo Cherubini aka “Jovanotti”
Period: April 2011 – November 2011
Production: Live Nation Italy / Trident Managment
Estimated Spectators: 500.000 over 55 concerts

I have been working with my friend Marco as I Ragazzi Della Prateria on the Jovanotti Ora Tour. In this page I’ve tried to summarize some of the most interesting parts of the work we have done.

Here you can see some of the work we have done, even though it might be hard to understand if you haven’t see the concert.

As you can see there were often intense discussions with a lot of hands in the air to express best what we had in mind. Here we were already in the 105 stadium in Rimini for the 15 days of rehearsals.

To open the concert we took inspiration from the album cover and recreated the constallation-boat Lorenzo has drawn on his face. The constellation evolves in a solid containing informations about Lorenzo and the city where the concert is taking place and finally into his full head. It’s at that point that he steps on stage surrounded by intense smoke.

This is one of the sketches Marco made for the animation storyboard

Sergio Pappalettera, our Master Joda, had the idea of scanning Lorenzo’s head using a 3d furniture scan. By combining 3 different scans our animator Pietro recreated the head model and animated it as shown in the intro

The video that introduces “Spingo il tempo al massimo” has been shot and edited during the rehearsals in Rimini. We had set up a dressing room as a little still-life studio and used a projector to project onto the musicians’ faces some animations we had produced.

Here you can see some stills of the edited video. Each musician has been shot singularly and only afterwards composed together with the others giving form to these rich compositions.

Some shots of the musicians in the still-live studio

and then a bit of after effects to compose everything.

The show was not just about offline videos, but we also experimented and played a lot with real time effects. Each effect was relatively simple because we didn’t want the technological part to take over the emotional one, so even when the analysis was sophisticated, the result was relatively simple and smooth.

One of the most particular aspects of this concert is the live video interaction with Lorenzo. We have designed together with Guilherme Lopes, 6 different visual effects all based on the concept of reshaping time and space. Let’s go in order:

Effect: Triangles / Song: La porta รจ aperta

The screen is initially subdivided in a triangle pattern (by using the Delaunay triangulation algorithm), then, to each triangle is attributed a color that corresponds to the average of the pixels contained by the triangle in the video stream.
The principle seems alike the pixelation process with the difference that these triangles are really much alive. Their vertex kept fluctuating giving the mash an organic feeling.
Through a series of Midi controls it was possible to modify:
size of the triangles / fluctuation speed / mash horizontal position / mash vertical position

Effect: Specular / Song: Io Danzo

The image was chopped in concentric slices that could take different shapes.
Each slice would spin at a fixed speed and on a specific angle that would change from slice to slice. This particular behavior was creating alternate states of synchrony and chaos.
Through a series of Midi controls it was possible to modify:
number of sides of the polygons / size of the polygons / orientation of the polygon

Chroma Key