La Vita Nuova

Feature Length Fiction
Status: Development
Production: DETAiLFILM / ALPIS
Language: Italian / German

Franco and Pia are members of the newly born La Vita Nuova, a group of people that meet in a warehouse and reenact their own dreams as therapy for their anxiety disorders. Franco is the leader of the movement and sees the position as a way to reach the success that he, a phone company door-to-door salesman, has always craved for in life. On her hand, Pia, a depressed nurse, joins the group secretly hoping that that the therapy will help her overcome loneliness. As the sessions go ahead, Franco becomes more self-confident and prompts the participants to take the reenactment of the dreams out into the real world. But things get complicated when Onelio, the skeptical warehouse custodian, decides to get involved with the reenactments and challenges Franco’s authority. In a crescendo in which reality and dreams begin to blur, Franco, Pia and Onelio are all forced to face their inner ghosts and take a decision that will change their lives forever.