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Back Up Tour

This is the biggest thing I have ever done in a show: Jovanotti’s first tour in the stadiums.
I curated the Art Direction of the show together with my friends Marco Mucig and Sergio Pappalettera

The Special Need


The Special Need is a ducumentary about Enea, Alex and me. Enea and Alex are my friends, we are the same age and, since we’re all grown ups, we have the same needs and desires, the difference between us is that Enea is autistic he wants to have sex and maybe fall in love, but that is not going to happen. In Italy at least. Abroad things might work differently, so we set on a journey to find a solution for him.

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Ora Tour

I have been working with my friend Marco as I Ragazzi Della Prateria on the Jovanotti Ora Tour, the biggest thing we have ever done on a live stage. In this page I’ve tried to summarize some of the most interesting parts of the work we have done.
Here you can see some of the work we have done, even though it might be hard to understand if you haven’t see the concert.



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